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Perfect Glue Binding Machine 976Z5



Encuadernadora & Encoladora A3 Smart-976z5

  • Intelligent system for bonding side (986V Only, 986Z5): precise sizing with a better application, without any adjustment.
  • Advanced system glue application, glue advanced application system via the drum uniformly. (3 reels of tail)
  • Automatic Function wrinkle, the book accurately link directly.
  • Digital Control path length of the tail, no lost books of excess glue or accumulation bite station.
  • Folding Workbench easily holds paper, covers and books, also accelerates production.
  • Aspiration of dust, gases and irritating fumes and particles of waste are dumped into the exhaust system and out of the work area.
  • Repressing Station of gluing work tops, easy for you to finish speeds.
  • Adjustable fastening cover retaining cap station meets the demand for bookbinding with different kinds of covers as well as the backbone of adjustment square.
  • Digital speed adjustment: According to operator skills.

Technical Parameter:

MODEL 976z5
Max.  thickness (mm) 60
max speed 300-400 t/h
Power supply 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power (Kw) 3.2
Format max 420mm / A3
net Weight 310Kg
Machine Dimension LxWxH (m) 2.1×0.7×1.2