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526-Pneumatic Film Laminating Machine

Film laminator 526_734X306

Model 526
Max. lamination width: 520mm
Max. lamination speed: 1000mm/min
Max. lamination temperture: 140℃
Max. Pneumatic pressure 0.4MPa
Max. clearance between top bottom rollers: 10mm
Recommended film: 25-250mic
The maximum diameter of roll film 280
Warm up time about 25 minute
Speed control manual
Auto removing film rewinding paper NO
Single-sided laminating function YES
Double-sided laminating function NO
With a perforating blade YES
Auto paper feeding YES
Voltage: 220V/50HZ/1300w
Display: numerical control
Heating roller dia: 1600mm/100mm
Pull roller dia: 45mm
Temperature control: SENSOR
Diameter of the core: 1,1.5,3 inch