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Three Knife Trimmer

Main Features:

  1. One-time cut the three sides of the book edge, high production efficiency.
  2. Automatically books feeding, VFC control system to achieve the transmission system with the stepless speed regulation.
  3. Automatically stop cutting if no books.
  4. Single-chip high-torque electromagnetic clutch.
  5. Centralized lubrication
  6. Fault display, equipped with a variety of security protection system to ensure production safety.
  7. Adopts regular motor and VFC to achieve the stepless speed.
  8. All the blades with wide-size structure design, which can handle variety of cutting jobs.

Technical Data:

Model QS100 QS100A
Max. cutting size: 290*380mm 290*440mm
Min. cutting size: 120*100mm 130*148mm
Max. cutting height 100mm 100mm
Speed 7-25 times/min 7-25 times/min
Main power 4kw 4KW
Dimension 1995*1752*1600mm 1995*1752*1600mm
Weight 2800kg 3000kg