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Auto UV Spot Screen Printing Machine production Line

The production line consists of FB automatic Swing cylinder Screen Printing Machine, UV Dryer, Stacker. Printing with ink on material is achieved at the printer part, then delivery bridge serves as a transition between printer and dryer. Printed material will be dried/UV coated at the dryer part with high temperature UV lamps. Afterwards, the printer material will be well collected and stacked in the automatic stacker withou spare staff to carry collection job.

1. Printing Part:

This machine owns the high-speed and high-precision features, which is used widely in printing vast soft materials (paper, cardboard, soft PCB, transfer paper and film switch etc.)The machine is suitable for many kinds of printing, especially to use in package printing and transfer printing. Besides, if it print with imitation metal UV ink, there will be obtained better effect after registering. Because of fresh color, 30~40um thickness generally, the printings give a strong stereo feeling and high covering.
The machine adopts centralized control, simply operating, high sensitivity, therefore it is high regarded and welcomed in printing field.

Technical Specifications

Model FB-720 1020
Max.paper size 720x520mm 1020x720mm
Min. paper size 350x270mm 480x270mm
Max. printing size 720x500mm 1020x700mm
Paper thickness 100-350g/m2 100-350g/m2
Frame size 880x880mm 1180x1040mm
Printing speed 600-3200pcs/h 600-3000pcs/h
Power 7.2kw 8.2kw
Machine Size 3020x1400x1250mm 3150x1680x1300mm

2. UV dryer

Performance and Features

  1. Tunnel structure with good shielding effect, high power, userfriendly with out harm to operator
  2. Instant drying to solidify surface of printed material with gloss anddurable friction, resistant to solvent
  3. Applicable to UV ink for special processes like bubbling, frosting,reflection and crystal effects
  4. UV lamps can be independantely controlled and quantity can beadded on request
  5. Conveyer belt automatic correct/
  6. Well designed strucure,easy access to relative equipment for printing production line.
  7. With a paper briddge at the front of dryer

Technical Specifications:

Host Printer FB-720 FB-1020
Width of belt 820mm 1150mm
Power of uv lamp 8kw*2pcs 8kw*2pcs
Wrinkling Lamp 40w*3pcs 40w*3pcs
Feeding speed 1-30m/min 1-30m/min
Total power 19kw 19kw
Overall Dimension 5400*1100*1600mm 5400*1400*1600mm

3. Stacker

Performance and features

Fei Bao Automatic Delivery Machine Series is a screen printing device to be complied with automatic screen printer, UV dryer and relative equipments for paper delivery and paper  tacking .It adopts automatic control  technology to save labor with high efficiency.

Technical Specifications

MAX .PAPER SIZE 800*600mm 1100*750 mm
MIN PAPER SIZE 350*270 480*270mm
TOP PPEED 3300p/h 3000p/h
POWER 3p 380v 50Hz 1.14Kw 3p 380v 50Hz 1.14Kw
WEIGHT 300kg 350kg
OVERALL DIMENSION 1700*1250*1000mm 2000*1600*1050mm