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A2 CTP/CTCP Platesetter 830T/830U


SMART CTP/CTCP platesetter adopts brand Nicha laser diodes to keep high quality. Which is suit for high quality printing industries and support millions of printing times. We have variety of models of  32/48/64/96 channels laser diodes for options.

T=CTP: for thermal plate output

U=CTCP: for conventional plate output

Model 830T/U-32 830T/U-48 830T/U-64 830T/U-96
Laser system T: 830nm LD / U: 405nm LD
32 Channels 48 Channels 64 Channels 96 Channels
Resolution 2400dpi
Output speed
15 25 35 55
Based on plate size: 745*605mm
Exposure structure External drum
Plate size Max 830*660mm Min 450*340mm
Plate thickness Thermal (830nm) 0.15-0.4mm
Max line 300lpi
Fm dot output 15um
Repeatability 0.01mm
Power 220V 50/60hz, 6kw (Single phase)
Weight 1200KG
Dimension 1950mm*1120mm*1130mm