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A1 CTP/CTCP Plate Processor PT-125

Main features:

    • Microprocessor-based controls
    • Built-in water recirculation unit
    • Flexible developer system
    • Extensive control of development conditions
    • Intelligent replenishment system
    • Over-heat protection system
    • Protection system of mechanical transmission
    • 6 keys and 127mm x 34mm LCD

Technical Data:

Model PT-125
Processor type Thermal plates or UV plates
Processing sections Developing, washing, gumming, drying
Accredited digital plates Kodak Trillian SP Thermal plates, Kodak Electra XD Thermal Plates, Kodak Sword Ultra Thermal Plates, Other Positive thermal plates, etc
Maximum plate width 1260mm(49.6 in.)
Minimum plate length 400mm(15.7 in.)
Maximum plate length unlimited
Gauge range 0.15-0.40mm(0.006-0.016 in.)
Developer temperature range 20-40 degree
Developer tank volume 56 liters(14.8gallons)
Water supply 1-4 bar(15-58psi)
Processing speed 0.38-2.28 m/min(1.25-7.48 ft./min)

dwell time 10-60 seconds

Electrical power 200-240 VAC, single-phase,50/60 Hz 18A(max)
Power outlet Include for stacker
Standard accessories Input and output tables, built-in chiller, operator  tools
Width*length*height(crated) 1605*1890*1250mm


Entrance/Exit height(crated) Adjustable:850-950mm(33-37in.)
Weight(uncrated) 635kg(1400 lb.)
Weight(crated) 810kg(1786 lb.)