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Flexo CTP Plate Processor

PURE UVA-LED Flexible Exposure machine

Pure UVA-LED light source flexo exposure machine. It can not only meet the requirements of flat top dot and high precision plate making, but also can make full use of pure UVA-LED light source without supporting traditional ultraviolet lamp. The energy of pure UVA-LED light source is high and adjustable, it is suitable for any flexible plate exposure making requirements, and the light source uniformly promotes the thickness of all parts of flexo plate is same. Since pure UVA-LED light source has been specially designed for flexible plate with high tolerance, strong penetration, high energy, low consumption, fast speed and good quality, it is known as the “fool machine” with high intelligence and high quality in flexible plate making equipment. The following remarks are supplemented.

Automatic connection type Flexible plate wash machine

The equipment adopts PLC man-computer interface control operation. With automatic pressure positioning, automatic solvent constant temperature, automatic pump in and pump out solvent. The water contact part of the washing machine is made of 304# stainless steel plate. The pressure adjustment uses the computer fine adjustment device to be more precise, may set the pressure scope to be small to 0.1mm. The brush is made of Dupont high quality silk, and wash plate way is round brush + flat brush interlacing and rotating motion. Setting independent black mask washing area, Install bottom cleaning brush and use the combined transmission motor. Additionally, the suction device is installed to avoid the smell of solvent.

De-tacker and drying combination machine

Light treatment unit use 75W/UVC lamp and mixed imported PHILPS 80W/UVA lamp as the light source, this drawer can automatically switch to the post exposure work after removing sticky work. It not only saves the time of removing plate to main exposure machine after stick removing, but also effectively protects the light source life of main exposure machine, and also solves the risk of damage to plate because of the handling. Set up a strong ozone discharging device to prevent the ozone corrosion equipment from affecting the quality of plate making. The drying plate is set up with four layers of oven cabinet. All places are heated to set up the thermostat to ensure the temperature difference of the oven to be less than 5 degrees, and to avoid the accuracy of overprint is not good enough because of the unevenness of the temperature difference. An automatic constant temperature inlet and strong exhaust device are installed to ensure uniform wind and temperature and remove ozone in time to accelerate drying speed. The whole machine is made of 304# stainless steel. The electric box is independently controlled, except that the front side of the sticking unit is provided with a row of air holes so that the air can be used for convection to facilitate ozone discharge