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UV CTcP Plates


UV-P Positive CTcP Plate is a kind of special high-sensitive plate. It fits both UV-CTP plate-making and conventional CTF plate-making. It is not only suitable for superb color business printing, but also qualified for the requirement of high speed and efficiency newspaper printing.

High quality aluminum substrate:

High quality aluminum coil is adopted as the substrate that guarantees the flatness of plates, precise plate sizes and various physical mechanical properties.

Complex grain structure & dense oxidized layer:

Multilayered complex grain structure and dense oxidized layer are formed on the surface of the substrates through gaining treatment with a series of chemical and electric-chemical methods to ensure that the plates possess precise dot reproduction and excellent anti-abrasion.

The substrate of hydrophilic treatmen:

Hydrophilic treatment can guarantee the adherence of the photosensitive layer to the substrate, improve the ink-water balance and also overcome the normal contaminations during printing and at shut-down time.

Perfect coating formulation:

Special coating formulation features the following properties: such as high sensitivity, fine dot reproduction, wide processing latitude and long run length; which ensures that the plates fit UV-CTP plate-making very much. It is your best choice of the superb color business printing and newspaper printing.

CTcP Plate UV-P Technical Specifications

Plate Type Positive offset plate for UV-CTP plate making
Application Medium for sheetfed/web offset press
Substrate Electro-chemically grained and anodized aluminum
Gauge 0.15 mm, 0.30 mm
Maximum short grain width 0.15 mm: 1050 mm0.30 mm: 1320 mm
Spectral sensitivity 350-420 nm UV light365-375 nm& 405-410 UV laser
Safelight UV filtered or Yellow
Platesetter compatibility Luscher XPose! UV, Basysprint UV-Setter, Cron UVP etc.
Sensitivity 50-60mj/ cm2
Color change Blue-Green to Pale Green after exposed
Development Conductivity: min. 55 ms, max. 70 msTemperature: 20-25 °C PH 13.00-13.40
Developer Common positive offset plate developer
Dot reproduction 2%-98% in 200 lines/inch
Final image colour Blue-Green
Shelf life 18 months when stored in a light-free area away from excessive cold, heat and high humidity
Run length

0.30/0.40 mm above 100,000 (Actual run length may vary according to press, ink and stock conditions.)