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Film Printer – CTF610/1200/1600

Film Printer734X306Product Information:
EPSON LEP7A (model 1118 & model 610) digital film printer is designed for printing plants industry (garments, fabrics, quilts, towels), screen printing (ceramics, glass, cartons), film output of large-format special high-quality printing industry, it can achieve 175-line high density dot output with professional-grade RIP software. it’s commercial production machine with features of high speed, high precision, accurate position and stable performance. Which is the ideal equipment for large clothing plate film output centers and large garment factories, printing plants factories, high-quality screen printing factories, high-quality flexo printing factories and offset printing film output company.

Technical Data:
Film Type: Roll
Max Output Width: 1118mm / 610mm (two different models)
Resolution: 2880 * 2880DPI
Power Supply: 220V
Dimensions: 1900*600*700mm
Working Condition: Light and dark room operation.
Output Speed: 5 m2/h (Normal mode), 8 m2/h (Quick mode)