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Laser Imagesetter CTF1800/2800/4800

Product information

    • High precision, Full automatic, 60m lining by roller laser imagesetter without any dark room
    • The latest product developed by SMART in 2015 with full automaticity operation during whole process, grid reverting exactly and high
    • precision resetting and so on.
    • The ideal choice of large plate making center , news printing, circuit printing and escutcheon trade.
    • Welcome to join in SMART printing world and feel the charm of science and technology.

Technical Parameters

Model CTF1800 CTF2800 CTF4800
Film Exposure Size 1320/1120/940*914/760/660mm    940/812*660-508mm 457*635mm
Scanning Resolution 1500-4000dpi (optional)
Scanning Mode External drum, broad band laser scanning with high speed
Repeatability Precision ±0.01mm
Operation Mode Full automatic, 60m roll films with film processor, without dark room
External Dimensions 2710*1600*1160mm 2580*1360*1180mm 2390*1060*1050mm
Packaging 2 Wooden Cases

1). 1280*890*1500mm

2). 2020*1050*1350mm

2 Wooden Cases

1). 1550*1100*1500mm

2). 2020*1200*1350mm

2 Wooden Cases

1). 1800*1250*1500mm

2). 2020*1400*1350

Net Weight 900KG 1000KG 1200KG
Gross Weight 1100KG 1200KG 1300KG