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Flexo Plate 3in1 Making Machine

Flexo plate maker734X306

Production information:

Integrated flexo plate making machine is a kind of touching exposure imaging equipment for printing plate making. which is consist of exposure, etching, drying, viscosity removing and solidification, it is an ideal equipment for the flexo plate making (also known as flexographic plate).

The principle:

Keep the film and the photopolymer plate close together under vacuum condition, through photochemical reaction, the original image on film transfer to the photopolymer plate precisely.


Common plate thickness: 0.95mm, 1.14mm, 1.16mm, 1.7mm, 2.28mm, 2.84mm, 3.94mm, 7.0mm

The machine is the best choice for carton factory, plastic packaging factory, adhesive sticker and labels printing factory and so on.

Technical Data

Model Max
plate size
Plate thickness Power Dimension
Gross weight
SMART-4032 430*320mm 1-7mm 2.2kw 710*610*1050mm 780*670*1270mm 120kg
SMART-6040 600*400mm 1-7mm 2.3kw 860*710*1050mm 970*770*1270mm 150kg
SMART-8060 800*600mm 1-7mm 3.5kw 1090*910*1150mm 1200*980*1440mm 220kg
SMART-9060 900*600mm 1-7mm 3.7kw 1190*910*1150mm 1300*980*1440mm 260kg
SMART-10060 1000*600mm 1-7mm 3.8kw 1290*910*1150mm 1400*980*1440mm 300kg
SMART-12060 1200*600mm 1-7mm 3.9kw 1490*910*1190mm 1600*980*1480mm 360kg
SMART-12090 1200*900mm 1-7mm 4.2kw 1490*1210*1190mm 1600*1330*1480mm 400kg
SMART-120100 1200*1000mm 1-7mm 4.5kw 1490*1310*1190mm 1600*1430*1480mm 460kg