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Flexo Plate Installation Machine SMART-1000

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Product Information:

SMART-1000 High-End Plate Installation Machine is the high-end product developed towards the customers for wide flexo printing machines. They are mainly used to fulfill the plate operations of the wide flexo printing machines, including rack, plate operation desk, high-definition color video camera, driving mechanism of plate roller lifting gear motor, corresponding control system and other components.

The maximum width of the equipment is within 2m, the longitudinal length is controlled at 0.7m or so, the height of the equipment is smaller than 1.7m and the drive is on the two sides of the wallboards of the equipment. The operation, usage, repairing and maintenance are very convenient.

Technical Data:

Max. Palte Width: 1050MM
Diameter of the Core: Φ400MM
Precision of the Plate:  ±0.15MM
Resolution Ratio of Lens:650 Line
Max. Zoom of  Lens:70 Times
Zoom Mode of Lens: Manual Zoom and Focusing
Gear Motor Drive:  Approximate to 300mm/min (Plate Roller)