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Ps Plate Exposure Machine


  • This machine has an easy setup, economic, it is reasonable in its reasonable structure and stable performance. Full and no defects fluorine in the plate.
  • Adapted with advanced structure exhaust air to get rid of air from the center to nearly double.
  • Because the light source with shutter, the frequency of activation light is reduced. The light reflector is especially and degree of illumination and uniformity is very good.
  • It microprocessor controlled, and data can be saved.
  • Adopting international advanced air exhaust structure, to get rid of gas from downtown to almost double.
  • The light source start very quickly, the degree of illumination and uniformity is very good.

Technical specifications:

Model Exposure Area Degree of Light Power Supply Power
SB750 750*650 mm ≥85% 220V/380V 1KW
SB1000 1000*800 mm ≥85% 220V/380V 2KW
SB1150 1150*950 mm ≥85% 220V/380V 3KW
SB1300 1300*1000 mm ≥85% 220V/380V 3KW
SB1600 1600*1200 mm ≥85% 220V/380V 3KW