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Double-color Tape Printing machine


  • Tape print machine running speed at 50 meters/minute ; customized printing size from 3cm to  15cm.
  • Tape print machine small volume.
  • Tape print machine Printing on glue side directly, no corona treatment, the same time.
  • Tape print machine The motor adopts automatic transmission, ensure speed regulation steady and accurate.
  • Tape print machine, Plate making cost is low, $2 for standard size by order.
  • Tape print machine, One person can operate the machine smoothly
  • Tape print machine The adjustable unwinding and rewinding device ensures slitting accurately and rewinding tidily.
  • Tape print machine Tension control device makes rewinding tightness adjustable.
  • Tape print machine The machine can also be used as rewinding cutting machine
  • Tape print machine Minimum 3 rolls can be printed , suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and personal use.
  • Tape print machine UV light drier
  • Tape print machine Equipped with tool-box and rapid-worn parts like rubber roll, bearing, gear, spring etc and one year warranty.

Technical Data:

Model TP160-2
No. of Color printing unit 2
Applied width of tape 30-150mm
Printing size 140*230mm
Max. width of printing material 160mm
Max. width of printing 150mm
Max. diameter of roller material 400mm
Printing speed 50-60m/min
Plate Letterpress
Ink UV ink
Total Power 220V, 2.75KW
Package Dimension 2.1*0.7*1.34mm
Gross weight of Package 350kg