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Economical Perfect Sheetfed Offset (Double-side printing)


Product Information
Double-side offset press has upper and lower six-roller unit structure; the machine could achieve single pass duplex printing; high degree of automation; heavy machine structure; whole cast iron wall panel; latitudinal feeding; fast version of clip; frequency control; PLC microcomputer control; photoelectric automatic clutch pressure; motor-driven is no-class water supply; accurate positioning; four rows of high-profile delivery teeth could reduce paper adhesion; electrostatic process; electromagnet energy is significant energy saving.

MODEL 47P 56P 62P
Maximum paper size 470*365mm 560*400mm 620*450mm
Maximum printing area 450*345mm 550*375mm 605*440mm
Print plate size 470*395*0.15 mm 560*420*0.15 mm 620*480*0.15 mm
Rubber blanket size 470*420*1.95 mm 560*460*1.95 mm 616*505*1.95 mm
Paper type 40-300g/ m2
Number of ink rollers 14 pieces (3 form ink rollers each unit)
Number of dampening rollers 5 pieces(2 form water rollers each unit)
Registration mechanism Roller type side lay
Printing speed 2000-8000 sheets/hour
Motor power Main motor1.5KW/220V Air pump motor0.55KW/220V
Machine size 2305*858*1650mm 2300*958*1650mm 2660*1200*1800mm
Weight 1150KG 1350KG 1550KG