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Economical Web-fed Offset


The mechanical structure offset press, combined with web printing mode realizes  Ps plate printing , fast efficient, stable, which solves the problems for some special paper running hard on offset press, such as thin paper (17gr. copy paper) or paper with high permeability and other web prinitng materials .
Pneumatic water and ink supply , clutch  pressure , automatic tension adjustaments for rolling and unwinding, which realizes convenients and simple one key printing.

Model WEB47 WEB56 WEB62
Max paper widht 470 mm 560 mm 620 mm
Max printing area 450 * 365mm 550*380mm 600*440mm
Paper  weight 17-250gr/m2 17-250gr/m2 17-250gr/m2
Plate size 470x 500×0.15mm 560x 500×0.15mm 620x 585×0.15mm
Printing speed 5-80m/min 5-80m/min 5-80m/min
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Weight 480 Kg 780 Kg 860 Kg