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Economical Single Color Sheetfed Offset


Product Information:

  • This machine suitable to print on copy papers, NCR paper, newsprint paper, art paper, adhesive sticker, range of 17-250gsm, and even non-woven bags 40-150gsm.
  • This machine adopts the second generation inking and dampening system,  14 inking rollers including 3 forme rollers, and 5 dampending rollers including 2 forme rollers, this system is designed for multi-color graphic printing jobs, such as poster, dm, leaflets, tabloid newspaper, book, booklet and labels etc.
  • One operating lever controls the on-off of dampening, inking and pressing.
  • Auto feeding, auto impression cylinder throw-in,  auto overlap detection and removing without stop, auto jam detector and auto stop, counting and auto stop.
  • Quick-plate-clamp ensures the short-ready-time, improves the efficiency greatly, so it’s a ideal equipment for printing shop or graphic store.

Technical Data:

Max. sheet size(mm) 470*365 560*400 620*450
Min. sheet size(mm) 90*125 90*125 125*260
Max. printing size(mm) 450*345 550*375 605*440
Plate size(mm) 470*395*0.15 560*420*0.15 620*480*0.15
Blanket size(mm) 470*420*1.95 560*450*1.95 620*505*1.95
Range fo paper 17-250gsm 17-250gsm 17-250gsm
Range fo bags 40-150gsm 40-150gsm 40-150gsm
Inking rollers 14(3 forme) 14(3 forme) 14(3 forme)
Dampening rollers 5 (2 forme) 5 (2 forme) 5 (2 forme)
Printing Speed(for paper) 2000-9000iph 2000-9000iph 2000-9000iph
Printing Speed(for bag) 2000-3000iph 2000-3000iph 2000-3000iph
Power Supply 220V,50/60Hz 220V,50/60Hz 220V,50/60Hz
Power 1.5kw 1.5kw 2.0kw
Dimension(mm) 1760*880*1400 1760*940*1400 2000*1100*1450
Weight(kg) 650 750 900


Extended Function:
NP system with versatile functions

Numbering Model 47IINP Planar type (horizontal) – Max 49 heads (7 heads on a ring * 7 rings on shaft)

Convex type (Vertical) – Max 40 heads (5 heads on a ring * 8 rings on shaft)

Model 56IINP Planar type (horizontal) – Max 56 heads (7 heads on a ring * 8 rings on shaft)

Convex type (Vertical) – Max 45 heads (5 heads on a ring * 9 rings on shaft)

Model 62IINP Planar type (horizontal) – Max 63 heads (7 heads on a ring * 9 rings on shaft)

Convex type (Vertical) – Max 50 heads (5 heads on a ring * 10 rings on shaft)

Perforating Cross perforation – Min 25mm(1″) pitch

Vertical perforation – Min 5mm(3/15″) pitch (blade-perfo type)

Min 25mm(1″) pitch (rotary-perfo type)



Cylinder type – Max 90*345mm (3-1/2*13-9/16″)

Mounting ring type – Max 30*40mm (1-3/16*1-9/16″)

Rollers 6 ink rollers (2 form)