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Carton Coding Machine BR-2



Use the card ink round, can be continuously injected into the common ink, long life and low cost. Snap-on rubber word tablets, easy to replace, no damage to the carton.


First clamping screw to release the clip locking screw and then release the compartment cover; font will be embedded in the rolling surface of the rubber board, and pay attention to the matrix to install front and rear position (scroll pure rolling circle both completed first printing).

diluted ink to the ink wheel; best side coated side of transfer; to ensure that the ink evenly inhalation of ink round the surface of the porous sponge; letters licensing adjust the printing direction;

Technical Data

Model BR-2
Print speed: Consistent with the carton speed
Print lines 1-2 as customer’s request
Printing location Side of carton
Front size Standard 12mm, characters can be customized.
Maximum print length 270mm
Carton size height of 110mm above 170mm above the long word.