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Serial Number Printing Machine with Perforation NP-47 /-56 /-62


Product Information:

  1. Lateral and Vertical Perforation can be done at the same time;
  2. Perfect Numbering Position & Legible Print with resin plate printing;
  3. Numbering Speed up to 8,000 sheets per hour;
  4. Brand Parts: France Components (Schneider) & Japanese Bearings (NHK);
  5. Oil Free Vacuum Pump adopts Japanese Technology;
  6. Positive Limitation Protection is adopted to make sure safe operation;
  7. Automatic Powdering & Blower system;
  8. High quality Feeding Rubber-tired & Double Sheets Detection Device;
  9. Chrome plated Technology and Stainless Steel Material are used to protect the roller

Technical Data:

Model NP-47 NP-56 NP-62
Max. Paper Size 470x360mm 560x400mm 620x440mm
Min. Paper Size 180x150mm
Paper Weight 28-250gsm
Printing Speed 2000-8000 sheets/hour
Ink Roller 6 rollers(ink form rollers: 2pcs)
Number capacity Planer type(Lateral):

7 rowx7 column=49

Convex type(Vertical):

5 row x8 column=40

Planer type(Lateral):

7 row x 8 column=56

Convex type(Vertical):

5 row x 10 column=50

Planer type(Lateral):

7 row x 9 column=63

Convex type(Vertical):

5 row x 11 column=55

Perforation Min. space between lateral perforating knives: 10mm

Min. space between vertical perforating knives: 30mm

Power for main motor 0.75KW 0.75KW 1.5KW
pump motor power 0.75KW
Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Dimensions 1780x935x1120mm 1900x1020x1120mm 2060x1150x1120mm
Net Weight 280kg 320kg 370kg