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500DK-T Flexible size computer continuous paper making machine

Product Information:

This machine can make the most common size carbonless computer continuous paper we used in the market, such as width 241 mm (9.5”*11”) and width 381mm, from 1 layer to 7 layers are available,  The machine has automatic tension control and web guiding system to keep the precision of processing.

500DK-T is the upgrade version based on 500DK-K, The difference between them is the configuration of horizontal perforation device, 500DK-T has independent servo motor driving horizontal perforation device, we can preset different speed to change the length between perforation line.

Technical Data:

Model SMART-500DK-T
Number of ply 1-7
Max Unwind Width 500mm(20inch)
Max Unwind Diam 1000mm(40inch)
Paper Thickness 30-70gsm
Punch-pin Diam 5±0.1mm
Punch Hole Diam 4±0.1mm
Hole pitch 12.7mm (0.5inch)
Folding length Any length djustable
Speed 110m/min
Power 2.2KW
N. W 1800KG
Dimensions 3730*1070*1360mm