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FQ-A Series Computer High-speed Slitting Machine

This machine suitable for slitting jumbo roll materials such as paper, aluminum foil, PVC, Plastic Film,I nsulation Materials and Laminated Materials etc.
It is best slitting machine for Jumbo roll material in china. it is good use for paper roll slitting machine

  • Main engine frequency adjust speed, PLC touch screen control system, auto counter meter, auto machine stop when had alarm , auto tension control etc function.
  • Unwinding unit use auto air loading system(150#cylinder)
  • Rewinding use vector motor control tension, Unwinding use magnetic powder brake control tension

Technical Parameter:

Type FQ-1300A FQ-1600A FQ-1800A
Max.Width of Unwinding 1300mm 1600mm 1800mm
Max.Diameter of Unwinding 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm
Min.Slitting Width 30mm 30mm 30mm
Max.Diameter of Rewinding 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Paper Thickness 30-300gsm 30-300gsm 30-300gsm
Machine Speed 350m/min 350m/min 350m/min
Total Power 22kw 26kw 35kw
Weight of Machine 3400kg 3800kg 4200kg
Overall Dimension 4500x3100x1900mm 4500x3400x1900mm 4500x3800x1900mm