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LSB-200+LST-4700 Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With Flexo Printing Machine

The paper bag making machine from the roll paper to the printing, side gluing, roll folding, roll paper cutting, bottom folding, bottom gluing, bottom forming, bag formation at a stroke. This machine controls by PC programmable servo motor through the human-machine touch screen interface. It can produce various of specifications paper bags. This machine have advantages of high speed, quickly replace the paper bag specifications, more wide range adjusting etc. It is an ideal machine for producing food bag, shopping handles bag.

  • The human-machine touch screen interface, the work condition can be shown in real- time.
  • Equipped with accurate servo motor drive, it makes the machine run steadily and efficiently.
  • Material lifting adopt pneumatic lift structure.
  • Automatic constant tension control system. The tension will be just right from beginning to end.
  • Double photoelectric sensor limit automatic correction control system and deviation rectification stability, energy saving, long life.
  • Thumb buttons, appressed bottom cutting device, bag type have many choices.
  • Don’t stop machine adjust double bottom structure, the adjustment will become more intuitive, more simple, more time saving.
  • Glue roller air defense coating control, avoid gluing on besmear brushs hub surface directly, reduce unnecessary trouble.
  • Accurate color tracking system, color errors automatically shut down.
  • Automatic lubricating oil supply system.
  • ink-ring sealed scraping knife scraping.
  • ink Ceramic Anilox roller, high speed dot rate, screen printed layered, stronger.
  • button-360 ° continuous and adjustable longitudinal register device.

Technical Parameter:

Type LSB-200
Bag Width(W) 80-200 mm
Bottom Size(H) 50-105 mm
Bag tube length(C) 190-370 mm
Max.Speed 260 pcs/min
Paper Thickness 45-140 gsm
Paper Roll Width 280-630 mm
Max.Roll diameter 1100 mm
Reel inner diameter 76 mm
Printing Color 4 Color
Printing Width 700 mm
Printing Length 160-800 mm
Max.Printing Speed 120 m/min
Overprint Precision ±0.15 mm
Thickness of Plate 1.7 mm
Total Power 14 Kw
Weight of Machine 5500 kg
Overall Dimension(LxWxH) 10600×1400×1850 mm

Machine speeds dependent on paper & adhesive qualities, bag dimensions,operator knowledge, and general work philosophy.